VMP Intnernational Transparent Backgroun

VMP International is the first management and marketing company for the marketplace of tomorrow. Born within motorsport and becoming the benchmark for marketing in junior motorsport before evolving into the management firm we are today.

At VMP, we do things differently. Our team is dedicated to building equity in your brand through our four areas of expertise. We understand that it is more important than ever to help our clients and partners evolve to market changes and advances in society and by combining our traditional management service with our four innovative sector areas, we know how to do that better than anyone else.




Our sport focus centres around our management and representation of sporting individuals and organisations that want to grow their career or operational platform.


We will analyse, advise and consult with the necessary parties to enable your career to grow and by using our experienced team we will consult on each phase of any negotiation to optimise your sports career and lead negotiations with teams and organisations to maximise your sporting and financial potential.


VMP International will create bespoke content to activate your brand and engage with potential sponsors, teams and organisations.