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Swing Evaluation

Start your journey to better golf today with a swing evaluation!

  • 55 min
  • Prairie Sports Village

Service Description

Your Swing Evaluation is a 50 minute session with a member of our Elite Coaching Team. Available to every level of golfer, from high handicapper to scratch golfer. The stages of the session are designed with player and coach in mind, to create a greater understanding of your golf swing and why your golf shots are occurring whether that is a lack of consistency or too much curve with your driver, from which a bespoke development plan for how to improve both on and off the golf course will be explained so you can achieve those golfing goals efficiently In our sessions we can use: -Trackman 4 -GCQuad -Boditrak -V1 Video analysis -High Speed Cameras -Hack Motion -Capto "After trying to improve my golf for so long on my own through YouTube tips, I booked in for a Swing Evaluation Session, after which everything was so much clearer and helped me feel in control of my improvements rather than feeling like I was wasting my time practicing on my own and getting nowhere." Tom Cottom

Contact Details

  • Prairie Sports Village, Windermere Avenue, Burnley, UK

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