Golf specific biomechanical screening covers the technique and principles behind a golfer’s swing. A golfers swing places stress on varied areas of the body which is specific to each individual. Applying our experienced elite level view to each players biomechanics will highlight the areas of imbalance to reduce unnecessary stress and better movement patterns. Elite Golf Performance Centres and MM Physiotherapy will analyse the different phases of your golf swing to enable improvement in lifestyle, your bodies biomechanics and also golf performance.

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MM Physiotherapy founded by Mike Murray qualified with a BSc Hons in Physiotherapy at the University of Salford via the Professional Footballer Association (PFA) following his time as a player at Rochdale AFC. Mike continued playing semi professionally following his time at Rochdale whilst studying for his degree. In this time he also became an accredited personal trainer, working 1 to 1 with clients & also with local GP’s overseeing an NHS exercise referral scheme.


Mikes expertise lies with high level rehabilitation, experience & understanding of standards set at professional & amateur level sport and also the everyday worker. Mike applies his playing knowledge & skills with golf specific biomechanical analysis to promote prehabilitation/ rehabilitation of movement dysfunction in athletes with particular experience working with golf Tour Professionals. Mike continues to write for and provide Physiotherapy content to National club golfer.